Cruelty To Animals: It's ACTUALLY a Crime!

I get a lot of information from Peta these days.  It's funny, even some of my super-liberal friends cringe when I mention Peta, because they've come to represent all of the "crazies" who apparently give well-intentioned, compassionate-but-"balanced" folks a bad name.

And yes, I think it's obnoxious when Peta protests President Obama for "mercilessly" swatting a fly.  I think they undermine their own credibility when they go on the offensive for something like that.  On the other hand, it's sort of like "pro-life" individuals who also protest condoms and "early withdrawal."  In a bizarre way, they're sort of consistent, which might be admirable...  Besides, maybe there are some Buddhists on Peta's board.  If so, more power to you.  Bugs aren't my thing.

Anyway, be glad I don't post about this stuff more often.  Only from time-to-time do I read something that I really want to share.  Here's an important story on animal abuse:

Two former Aviagen Turkeys, Inc. employees have been convicted of cruelty to animals following a PETA undercover investigation. This is the first time in U.S. history that factory-farm employees have been convicted of abusing factory-farmed turkeys. The convictions came following our undercover investigation at Aviagen's factory farms in West Virginia, where workers were documented breaking turkeys' necks, stomping on their heads, and shoving feces and feed into turkeys' mouths. 

One of the convicted former workers, Edward Eric Gwinn, admitted guilt to stomping on a turkey's head and lifting a turkey above his head before throwing the bird to the ground. This morning, he was sentenced to serve 6 months' home confinement on each count, concurrently, and is not allowed to own, live with, or work with any animals for five years. 

Another man, Scott Alvin White, admitted to shoving feed down a turkey's throat and breaking a turkey's neck. White was sentenced to serve the maximum 6 months' jail time on each of two counts, consecutive, for a total of up to 1 year. Read more about the convictions on our blog, The PETA Files

This is an historic victory for farmed animals, but please know that there is still more that you can do to help.  Write to Aviagen Turkeys, Inc. and demand that it implement PETA's seven-point animal welfare plan. Also, please remember that the best way for any individual to help turkeys who are abused on factory farms is not to eat them. Order a copy of our free "Vegetarian Starter Kit" now, and we'll send you everything you need to get started, including recipes, meal ideas, and more! 

So I know "going vegetarian" is probably terrifying to a lot of you.  And I'll tell you, I really like meat.  But I've been a 99% vegetarian (occasional exceptions for local, humanely treated meat)
for almost 8 months now, and it's really not nearly as hard as I thought it would be.  And I actually feel good about not contributing to the death-machine that is factory farming.  AND, I haven't eaten fast food in months!  So eating healthier is a motivator right there.

Thanks for tolerating the occasional "vego" rant.


Emily said...

Wow, I'm SO GLAD those people were convicted! Yay for Peta!

Why yes, I am a Peta apologizer. :)

I'll be off now to write to Aviagen Turkeys Inc and demand that it implement Peta's seven-point animal welfare plan . . .

Peter said...

Awesome, thanks Emily!

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