Pseudo-Seuss: Telling the story in new ways...

I've been feeling discouraged with several of the writing projects I've been working on over the last couple of years.  They don't feel fresh or inspired anymore.  So lately I've been "playing," trying to find new inspiration for something... well... new.
The idea of a Dr. Seuss sort of retelling of the Gospel has stuck in my mind.  Wonder if it's been done and I'm just not aware.  Wonder if it's worth going beyond these random for-fun sketches.  Let me know what you think...

There’s a story we know, and some of us believe
And it changes with time, like a quilt that we weave
And I might call it truth but you might call it spin
And it might be the cause of the trouble we’re in.

There’s a man in the story, he’s young and he’s Jewish
You’ll know the name Jesus (the story’s not new-ish)
But the story we tell (well, the way that we tell it)
Has some folks believing, while others won’t smell it.

“How can one smell a story? A story is heard!”
Well that’s true, and it’s not – it depends on the Word.
A word that is good can be heard and be tasted,
Sniffed and then touched, not a thing ever wasted.

But a word badly spoken can stink like it’s sour,
Never word ever heard when it’s rotten and dour.
No good to hear when it’s written in grime,
Whatever was justice comes reeking with crime.

Then that’s how we begin with telling this story,
Since familiarity pales its own glory,
Assuming you’ve heard it can turn it to fluff
Which is why all my friends are so sick of this stuff!

“We’ve read all that before!”
They say, tired of the preaching,
“Your God is a bore
With his mean-hearted screeching!”

But what if the rhymes hadn’t come out just right?
Instead, what if Jesus got lost in the fight?
Maybe the message wasn’t boasting “I’m right!”
And what if today was the dawn after night?

I mean, what if living a whole different way
Meant something quite other from “not being gay,”
Or “not saying damnit” or “voting my way,”
What if “Kingdom” meant giving your whole life away?

Peter Walker, 2009

That's all I've got for right now.


abshreve said...

Amazing. I'd buy it! But only if it has sweet illustrations too.

Peter said...

Heh heh. That'll take a lot more time - or a talented volunteer!

David Golden said...

The idea is good, but the words that you choose
Are taking forever to get to the Good News
Just wipe the slate clean, take up your pen
And start the whole story over again
You don't tell of a championship basketball game
By first telling of a few idiot fans who came
And drove home drunk and smashed up their cars
No, you tell of the excitement, the great plays, the stars
If you want to get into misguided theology
historical context, misunderstood analogy,
oppression, misogyny, injustice and hate
then more power to you, I think that is great
but present the good news in your first chapter one
enjoy the rhyming, the meter, the fun
if descriptions of our confused response turns you on
then save those for chapter 2 or beyond!

Peter said...

We'd better look out -
This rhyming's addicting.
David, thanks for the feedback -
Your words are convicting.

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