"Portland is for Swingers"

According to The New York Post, porn star Ron Jeremy is diversifying his financial portfolio. This month, he will be opening "Club Sesso" in downtown Portland.

"It's an odd fit for this crunchy town known more for its burgeoning foodie scene than its penchant for three/four/fivesomes," blog Transracial notes. Jeremy, who's partnering with a local club owner, hopes to make Sesso a nationwide chain.

Hey P-Town, you always wanted to play with the big cities (sort of)! Now you can swing like them!
Here's a photo of Jeremy's local business partner:

Yes, if I was going to open an orgie club, these are the two guys I'd want folks thinking of when they thought of my fine erotic establishment.

Co-Owner, Paul Smith told a local news channel that there’s a great demand for swinger clubs in Portland.

“Oregon and specifically Portland has a very strong presence in the alternative sex community,” Smith said.

Smith said the club is upscale, private and members only. Membership costs between $50 to $100 per year. That’s on top of $40 to $100 door fees.

Inside Club Sesso will be dancing, socializing, and yes, sex.

“If you’re asking me does sexual activity take place, absolutely,” Smith said. “It can take place, there are private rooms where people can go in and close the door and do whatever consenting adults want to do.”

Not even sure how to comment here. On one hand, I think that commercialized sex tends to be demeaning and ultimately abusive and misogynistic. On the other hand, I can visualize all of the "family values" crowds protesting as they mold and worship a golden calf, shaped suspiciously like a so-called "traditional nuclear family."

I don't want to worship that idol. I don't want to suggest that sexual repression somehow strengthens families, societies, and cultural values.

But neither do I want to suggest that reckless sexual freedom is healthy or good for the community.



Pickypants said...

I know someone who has been to this club. Imagine a room full of dudes like the pictures above.

Yep. Sausage fest. I think the moral dilemma will become more interesting once hot people of both genders are willing to bump it in a place like this. Till then, its just gross.

Peter said...

"I know someone"... named YOU!

Heh. You just outed yourself Chris.

Joan Ball said...

One of these days we'll have to actually talk Peter...your stuff provokes conversations that go beyond the comment blurb. That said, here are some thoughts on this...

Your post made me think less of sex clubs or porn and more about boundaries. How much is too much and who draws that line? I think some of the "old school conservatives" you mentioned draw it (rightly or wrongly) at same sex marriage. You may draw it at sex clubs - but will your kids? Maybe, maybe not. For them the notion of sex in a public place might seem perfectly natural having grown up in a world where threesomes in hot tubs on MTV are normal fare. Some eighth graders in my community were caught playing spin the bottle replacing oral sex for kissing a couple of years ago. Where will they draw boundaries when they are 24? Does every generation eventually become "conservative" in the eyes of the ones that follow? I believe that a pursuit of answers to these questions and the quest to find balance between rigidity and excess will be a great challenge for our culture (in and out of the faith dialog) in years to come...

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