I'm still here, I promise!

I’m sorry my posts lately have been sporadic at best. Weird things keep coming up: both cars have issues at the same time. Family drama. Ugh. Hard to be esoteric when the nitty-gritty of life gets so exhausting. And when, exactly, is one supposed to find time to have kids? No, sorry, that was rhetorical…

My friend Adele’s struggle with Lyme disease has been particularly difficult lately. This has kept her relatively quiet on the blogosphere, which negatively impacts my own posts – she usually keeps me thinking! Praying for you, Adele. Glad to see you back here!

Meanwhile, on Adele’s other e-venture, Queermergent, Nadia Bolz-Webber posted a fascinating article/sermon on Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch from Acts, and inclusivity. She writes:

For more than 10 years my denomination has been talking about human sexuality. Much like the early church who were convinced that gentiles could only become Christians if they changed into being Jews first (which, for the record, involved a rather unpleasant process), much like our first century brothers and sisters there is a segment of the church today who thinks that if we extend the roof of the tent to include “the gays” then the whole thing will come crashing down around us. We must “evangelize” them – ie. change them into us before they will fit. Or else the roof can’t hold. Meanwhile the other side of the church is all about “inclusion”. We must extend the tent to include the marginalized, the less fortunate the minorities.

But then we have this story of Phillip and The Ethiopian Eunuch. A text which I have always heard as being about evangelism. “The conversion of the Ethiopian Eunuch” it was called. I was always told that the message of this text was that we should tell everyone we meet about Jesus because in doing so we might save them. We might convert them. We might change them into being us. But today I’m not so sure. Because if the Eunuch was reading Isaiah as he returned from Jerusalem having gone there to worship – see if he was reading Isaiah then I would bet he was also familiar with Dueteronomy, specifically 23:1 “No one whose testicles are cut off or whose penis is cut off shall be admitted to the assembly of the Lord” Anyone have that one as a memory verse growing up?

This law strictly forbids a Eunuch from entering the assembly of the Lord. Their transgression of gender binaries and the inability to fit in proper categories made them profane by nature. They do not fit in the tent. But the Eunuch went to Jerusalem to worship despite the fact that in all likelihood he would be turned away by the religious establishment. The Eunuch sought God anyway.

Wow. Nadia goes on to talk about Philip’s own conversion, through the Eunuch, who accepted the path of Christ even though the legal foundation of its Judaic roots precluded him from true inclusion "in the assembly."

It’s a great read, check out more here.

I won't be gone long. Have to make up for so many missed days of blogging... talk to you soon.


Erin said...

My brother has Lyme disease and it can be such a heart breaking thing. I hope your friend is hanging in there.

Joan Ball said...

I didn't know you hang out with Adele. I just met her in Virginia. We had a really nice dinner together.

Peter said...

Joan, that's wonderful! Adele is one of my best friends - glad to know you're a mutual friend!

Erin, thank you for the kind words. I'm sorry to hear about your brother!

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