Abundant Life Farm... and the Kingdom

There's a restaurant here in town that Jen and I frequent.  The menu changes week-to-week, and they have a lot of great vegetarian options, but most of the entree listings with meat are from "Abundant Life Farm."  I have always been curious about them, so I finally got around to googling for more information.  Abundant Life's website reads:

Abundant Life Farm is nestled in a peaceful valley five miles south of Dallas, Oregon. Its 210 fertile acres is home to the Jondle family. Our family strives to raise natural, wholesome, and delicious farm products in harmony with the Creator's design, for consumers who care about the food they eat and how it is raised.

Eating healthy food has never been more important. We also desire to have a personal working relationship with each of our customers because we want you to be confident in the philosophy and methods we use to raise your food.

Through our products, on-farm pickups, newsletters, and farm tours we hope to share with you the many benefits, joys, and challenges of life on the farm. Most of our customers place orders year after year.

Our animals are raised humanely, thrive on fresh air, sunshine, exercise, and fresh green grass, resulting in food that is better tasting and more nutritious.

C'mon?  What's not to like about THAT?!  

This farm isn't going to convert me into a day-to-day carnivore, but I'll feel a lot better about breaking the rules from time-to-time, knowing this option is available.  

I also did some research into local dairies in Oregon, and feel pretty good about recommending Tillamook.  

As I've said before, I believe that part of being a Christian must include living compassionately and responsibly.  For me, that includes care and caution about what I consume.  It's an ongoing lesson, though.  Someone recently told me that Coca-Cola is responsible for political assassinations of union workers, to protect its interests and profit margins.  And I LOVE Coke!  Click here and especially here for more info.  

It's hard to constantly make adjustments to one's lifestyle.  In fact, it's probably nearly impossible to avoid feeding money to corporations that practice and support inhumane activities.  My favorite jacket is a leather blazer (dunno Banana Republic's policy on humane leather) and I drive a Buick (GM's hands are far from clean).  But just because living decently seems nearly impossible, doesn't mean we shouldn't at least make an effort.  I mean, in what world can one say, "I know that my clothes are made by child slaves in Asia, but I just can't beat the prices"?  Oh, that's right, in THIS world.

THIS is why Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven."  And I am a rich man.

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