Scripture Ends In A Marriage...

Tomorrow my wife will speak at a funeral. She's reading this poem from Brian McLaren's The Last Word, and the Word After That:

Scripture ends in a marriage.
This is the end to which all
Things tend, the end which makes all
Things new...
All that mars love ignites, makes ash.
But faith, hope, love survive. Love
Is the Last, best word, the end
Into which all will bend, and
Then begin again. The next
Word and the new will be love
As well: for love never ends...

The hope-filled truth is that death is bookended, unavoidably, by life. Life gives way to death gives way to life.

Scripture ends in a marriage. Life ends in truth. Goodness ends in goodness.


Brandon K. Baker said...

What a great poem. I think Eastern religions would like it as well. You summed it up well in your last sentences.

Megs said...

i love that image of death being bookended by life!

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