Hmmm... 30. So now what?

I turned 30 on Monday.

I went to get my hair cut, and told the stylist, "I don't want to keep doing this spiked up bangs thing. I can't keep dressing like an 18-year-old. I turned 30 today."

She laughed out loud and yelled across the salon, "Hey Janet, they're letting 12 year-olds be 30 now!"

Then she gave me the same stupid spikey-hair-in-the-front thing I keep doing. And so it goes.

I went to the doctor yesterday and he put me on blood pressure medication. Not because I'm out of shape, but because it might help my migraines. It still made me feel old. I know that I'm not, but 30 ain't 20, either.

Today a friend said, "Straight people don't bother me, as long as they act gay in public." I thought that was funny.

What else? After last week's gut-wrenching posts about the nature, purpose, and inherent goodness (or otherwise) I must confess, I'm spent.

I've been thinking a little bit today about the difference between personal and communal salvation. In the Third World, the notion of a communal salvation is much more prevalent (Ethiopian Orthodox, for example) than our Americanized personal salvation. Not that personal salvation (and spiritual relationship) is wrong or bad. But it seems to really reflect our hyper-individualistic, consumer orientations: me, me, ME!

Going to the gym tonight. Jen's back has been hurting, and so does mine. Will probably be drinking Ensure before the week is out.


abshreve said...

As we're only about a week apart, I feel you bro. I wasn't quite sure how to take 30 at first but as I was laying in my hammock in the back yard, it dawned on me; I'm the same age now as Jesus was when He really began His ministry! It was a weird feeling because I've always pictured Jesus as an older guy. But I don't feel old. So in a strange way of thinking, I can kinda see my world as Jesus may have 2000 years ago. Minus the God in the flesh thing, of course.

Oh, and Happy Birthday a few days late!

- Shreve

lunchboxsw said...

I turned 30 last year on May 22... I have to say that it wasn't especially easy for me. I blogged this year about the 31st... I think I experienced it much more gently this year.

Not feeling old now! :)

Al said...

Ok, you young punks!! (from someone who is rather older than 30!). You've got about 3 years to change the world. And then they crucify you. So, quit reading this, and get out there and do something, for God's sake (no disrespect for God intended!)

wilsonian said...

:) Happy belated, Peter.

You won't know it for a few years yet, but if you play it right, it just keeps on getting better. Everything before 40 was merely a warm up. Wooot!

ChrisK said...
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ChrisK said...

Happy (belated)Birthday! I know how those certain birthdays can creep up on you and affect you in ways you never expected. The one that I remember hurting me the most was when I turned 36... it was if I was on the other side of the hill... funny part is, I was only 35 and didn't even realize it until months later when my wife corrected me... long story! lol "This is your brain...this is your brain on drugs..." LOL

Take care, brother, and trust me (I concur wholeheartedly with wilsonian), getting older is not always a bad thing! (I am 41 now and still wearing my hat backwards! HA!) God bless you Peter!

nate said...

Don't drink ensure...drink beer! (which hails of communal-ism).

I actually considered deeply the reality of communal salvation today after I made a speak-before-I-think remark and then regretted it.

Happy birthday!

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