Cutting Off The Culture-War Addict...

I just joined a group on Facebook that highlights a shocking/frustrating/utterly-ridiculous letter released by Focus on the Family, and implores Christians to come together in rejecting and denouncing James Dobson and his organization's tacky, loveless, fear-mongering tactics.

The Facebook group is called 'A Christian Bipartisan Rejection of Focus on the Family's Letter from 2012.'

* * *

Focus on the Family Action recently put out a hypothetical letter that outlined what America would look like from the perspective of a Christian looking back on an Obama presidency from 2012. The letter starts off by saying, “Many Christians voted for Obama – Younger evangelicals actually provided him with the needed margin to defeat John McCain – but they didn’t think he would really follow through on the far-Left policies that had marked his career. They were wrong.” Here are just some of their scenarios Focus on the Family paints for us:

  • The Supreme court leans liberal, 6 to 3.
  • Terrorist attacks have occurred in 4 US cities.
  • Christian doctors, nurses, counselors, and teachers have either been fired or quit.
  • Iran perpetrated a nuclear attack on Israel, drastically reducing the size of its borders.
  • Pornography is freely displayed.
  • Inner city violent crime has dramatically increased due to gun control.
  • Russia has occupied 4 additional countries.
  • Gas tops $7 a gallon.
  • Euthanasia becomes commonplace.
  • Blackouts occur throughout the country.
  • Homosexual marriage becomes law in all 50 states.
  • Campus ministries, Christian adoption agencies and Christian schools nearly cease to exist.
  • Home school families emigrate to Australia and New Zealand by the thousands.
  • Bush officials are jailed and bankrupt.
  • Taliban-like oppression overtakes Iraq and death of American sympathizers reaches millions.
  • Homosexuals are given a bonus to enlist in the military.

As you can see, Focus on the Family Action has abandoned reasonable appeals and resorted to shameless tactics of fear mongering. They have abandoned the belief that voters can make informed decisions and have instead appealed to fear as their fundamental motivator.

As Christians, we stand appalled and ashamed at such tasteless demagoguery. We believe that civil, educated, and compassionate dialogue should and can occur with the active engagement of our faith, but believe that Focus on the Family Action has, in this letter, stepped far outside of reasonable boundaries into pure sensationalism. We believe that such thoughtless expressions coming from an organization that purports to represent Evangelicals continues to mar our legitimacy and voice in the public arena, and damages our basic Christian witness.

The original letter can be found here:

It can also be found by going to the original Focus on the Family Action page on the right side under "Election Coverage":

Christianity Today also has a description of the letter here:

Join this group, but more importantly please let Focus on the Family Action hear your voice by contacting them through email at or through

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Sad to say, I'm not shocked anymore by tactics and communiques like this from the Evangelical community. I still try desperately to call them my sisters and brothers, but this sad letter is simply par for the course...

There's a point where family members of addicts must choose to stop supporting and enabling the addicted person. That doesn't mean they stop loving him. It doesn't mean they aren't family any more. But until the addict understands the destructive, isolating, intolerable impact of his behavior, all that family support, kinship and community do is provide a buffer that softens and even numbs the pain of the addictive cycle.

American Evangelicals of conscience must make intervention in the meth-like deterioration of Christian virtue through fundamentalist culture wars. If the intervention doesn't work, then we must also have the courage, fortitude, and tough-love to stop answering the phone when James Dobson calls, out of money and in need of a fix. Or a signed ballot measure. Or a picket sign.


Peter said...

Wow, I just noticed that this letter isn't recent. It was released in October of last year, in an attempt to sway voters away from Obama. Either I'm out of the loop, or - thankfully - Dobson's voice isn't as loud as it once was.

Wickle said...

I was going to say, I thought that I saw this one months ago.

FOF was a great organization 30 years ago, when it focused on families and encouraging strong family bonds. Now, it's just another political advocacy group posing as a ministry.

As an Evangelical, I'm disgusted by what they're doing. Most of this letter has nothing to do with faith or families, and it is not honest.

Bearing false witness, last I knew, was something we were supposed to avoid. I think that dishonest predictions fall into that same category.

Our first loyalty is supposed to be to God, not a political party. I wish that FOF remembered that.

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