Queermergent: Family as "False Idol?"

This is a REALLY interesting premise at my friend Adele's site, Queermergent. I'd like to see it expanded on: family-as-idol.

Jesus himself rejected family-ties to demonstrate the broader responsibility we have to all humankind, and particularly to our sisters and brothers in Christ.

I think there's lots of ripe, low-hanging fruit under the topic of a genuine Christian agenda to actively create a false idol in the image of the wholesome [American] nuclear family. Focus on the Family and James Dobson have perpetuated a sort of subversive xenophobia through their narrow definition of "family," and their abusively confining matrix in which that family may function.

Honestly, I believe this is a desperately important topic to discuss, whether you're liberal OR conservative, gay OR straight.

An excerpt from the article:

It certainly did not start this way in the early church. From the beginning, it began as a model of extended family. In fact, the New Testament word for church began as a radical and playful word, Ecclesia. Ecclesia is the greek word given for a town council for port towns in the Mediterranean area of the Roman Empire. These councils were ruled by rich men. So, the Christians come along and scandalously from the beginning included slaves, women, children and people from varied ethnicities and social classes, in the new ecclesia’s that radically transcended social boundaries. From the beginning Christianity was radically about a new form of extended community, as a visible expression of the invisible kingdom of God. This is the reason why the early church was persecuted, because in so doing, these little Ecclesia’s challenged the power of the Empire which sought to disempower minority groups, which the church, counter-culturally, sort to include.

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Existential Punk said...


You bring up a really interesting point. Jesus said we were to forsake family, including parents, to serve our fellow brothers and sisters.

According to the excerpt you quote from Queermergent, the church was for those on the fringe and disenfranchised as well as the 'traditional' people. What the ilks of Dobson, et al are screaming 'traditional family values' has changed and been renamed from other things over the years. Just because humans call something tradition does not mean it is right. There was a lot of human will, politics and self-serving when the Canon of the Bible was strung together.


Cobalt Blue said...

Thank you so much for connecting me to these resources. It is all too easy to find the "more common" Christian viewpoints online, and I really appreciate the opportunity to read other approaches. It is really good to know that there is still a huge diversity of Christian expressions in this world, and it is refreshing to read some counter-cultural responses to Christian theology.

Peter said...

Cobalt Blue,
Thanks so much for the visit, and for the kind words! Yes, the Body of Christ is diverse, to say the least. Thank goodness!

I've checked out your blog - you have a really lucid, original way of writing. Keep it up!

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