Pigeon John in Portland

On Saturday night I went up to Portland with Alex, a buddy of mine, to watch Pigeon John and Flynn Adams (a.k.a. "Rootbeer") perform at a local venue - the Someday Lounge.

It was a fantastic show. Someday is a great little space - very intimate, probably only 150 people. It's so laid back that the artists and emcees just hang out in front before the shows start. Alex and I got our giggles standing next to Pigeon while he smoked a cigarette with a flock of ladies shamelessly crowded around him.

I've written about my love of hip hop before, but I have to reiterate how important this music genre is to me. Why? I don't entirely know, except that it resonates somewhere in my gut in a way that other music doesn't. And it shows me a part of the world that isn't congruent with my comfortable, sheltered, middle-class life. That's important to me - to understand the world I live in. To hear other voices...

And to feel cool when I'm cruising in my Buick Regal, bumping the crisp beats of De La Soul. Or Mos Def. Or Pigeon John.

Pigeon is a wonderfully entertaining performer. His facial expressions are like a cartoon character in-the-flesh. He dances around on stage with reckless abandon. And his lyrical skills are fast and sharp. As Rootbeer, with Flynn Adams at his side, Pigeon throws back to old school, early 90s, pop So-Cal beats. Lots of fun.

I know I'm still a silly white kid, but if you're in Portland sometime, follow me to the Someday Lounge and we'll catch Braille or Ohmega Watts. If you know of some other good spots, hit me up - tell me about it.


Existential Punk said...

You drive a buick regal now instead of your Scion? Or is this metaphorical language? ;)

Peter, YOU are cool in my book, no matter what kind of music gets ya moving deep down inside your gut!


Peter said...

;) Jen drives the Scion now. I had to grow up and look professional. I'm turning 30, you know...

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