Upcoming Atheist Dialogue: irreligiosophy!

My friend Adele and I have been invited to dialogue with a couple of fun-loving-atheist-fellows from www.irreligiosophy.com. Leighton (pictured here) and Chuck are two ex-Mormons, now atheists, doing a series of entertaining podcasts about atheism, faith, reason, doubt, pop culture, politics, you name it....

I'll let you know when we're actually scheduled for the podcast. It'll probably be several weeks. Sounds like a lot of fun though. Check out some of their past podcasts to get a feel for their "banter."

If you haven't met my friend Adele:

Adele Sakler currently resides in Richmond, Virginia with her wife, Katryna, and their two dogs, Mushu and Lady. She blogs as Existential Punk at www.existentialpunk.com and is the creator and site administrator of Queermergent at queermergent.wordpress.com. She is currently going through long-term treatment for Chronic Lyme Disease, other tick-borne diseases, and heavy metal toxicity. Adele has been a Christ-follower for 20 years and an “out” queer woman for two and-a-half years. Her involvement with the emerging church and Emergent Village (www.emergentvillage.com) has filled the better part of 10 years.

- - -

I've only just begun to experiment with podcasting, so I'm looking forward to getting a feel for the "ropes."


Existential Punk said...

Thanks, Peter, for the shout out!

i am really stoked to be a part of this with you! i am glad to call you friend and brother!


Peter said...

Ditto Adele, I appreciate you stretching my boundaries and outlook! Love you,

Existential Punk said...


i did not know i stretched your boundaries and outlook! Egads!i guess that's a good thing though! You do the same for me. You debate and converse so well with people on the blog comments! i aspire to be netter at it like you.


Peter said...

Well, mostly because you're from the East Coast!

I've got other gay Christian friends, but you're by far the most theologically and spiritually active! Really enjoy getting a glimpse of the world through your lens - painful though it is at times. It's important for me and I'm grateful for your friendship.

Wow, talk about the most lovey-dovey conversation string ever! Let's try to find something to debate, quick! ;)

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