Recalibrating Concepts of Church...

I let you all down. I didn't blog live. I've made promises for the last week but couldn't follow through.

I attended the Recalibrating Concepts of Church conference at George Fox University today. I had been asked to attend and blog about the event. Unfortunately, the thick brick walls don't allow wireless to soak through into the auditorium, and Len Sweet was using the only hard-line in the building!

Ah well. I took a lot of notes. And I'm WAY too tired to edit them, format them, and make them pretty. So you'll have to wait a bit - forgive me.

I had a fantastic time! Got to connect with Len (it had been awhile) and had dinner with Jim Henderson ( Very good time - lots of good conversation.

At the presentation itself, Alan Hirsch was by far the highlight of the event for me. I had not heard him speak before, and he was energizing, to say the least. Len was fantastic too. Will have more comments and details shortly. Thanks for hanging in there...


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