Podcast Interview at www.Irreligiosophy.com

I'm listening to a podcast interview that Adele Sakler and I had last weekend with the guys at www.irreligiosophy.com/. It's kind of like having to watch old home videos - "ugh! Do I really sound that way?"

In the reality I've created for myself, I'm much more thoughtful and articulate. I enjoy Adele's portion immensely. Our interviewers, Chuck and Leighton, have great "radio voices."

Anyway, I think the discussion really exemplifies why it's so important to have these discussions in the first place: many of us are groomed to engage in debates rather than relationships. But factoids and theses rarely reveal our inward nature. Let's talk about how we think before we start talking about what we think about. Let's talk about what we love before we explain what we deduce.

BTW, I realize in listening, that a lot of the "dead air" has been [mercifully] edited out. The result is a much cleaner, quicker-moving podcast. The side-effect is that I probably sound a little more articulate than I actually was.

Lots of fun! Hope you listen. Click here for the podcast!


Existential Punk said...

YOU sounded GREAT, Peter! Very authentic, intelligent and articulate. i really enjoyed doing the interview with you. It's a natural fit to me! Thanks again!


Matthew said...

Hey Peter. Great stuff, loved the line where we should talk about how we think before what we think.

I love your blog!

Peter said...

Thanks to both of you for the kind words. Adele, looking forward to seeing what's next for us!

Matthew, welcome! Keep up the good work at your blog. At 18, you're way ahead of the curve. Took me to 25 before I event STARTED understanding the cosmic shifts taking place in our world. You're speaking the language of a native, versus a migrant (me). Interesting what a decade-difference in age does to worldview. Bless you!

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