Woody Allen & Billy Graham...

Did you know about this? Seriously. Did you? If you did, why didn't you tell me?!

This is brilliant, I love both these men...

You know, there aren't very many conservative Christian pundits who communicate with the grace and kindness that Billy Graham seems to have managed throughout his ministry. And he's even got a sense of humor about it. Here's more..

We need to rediscover the beauty of kindness in disagreement and friendship in the midst of polarized views. We need to remember that even the important questions are fun.


Brandon K. Baker said...

"I had impure thoughts about Art Linkletter"

Brilliant. Who comes up with stuff like that on the fly?

Great videos. I had never seen that before either. Absolutely amazing to see those two men talk about God.

RickNiekLikeBikes said...

Questions are fun. Answers are fun too. For instance, the question you've asked about the inerrancy of Scripture. What if the word of God was "God-breathed" AND inerrant? It's a question right? It seems that people so deliberately and desperately want scripture not to be inerrant that they've actually created an absolute about the Bible not being errant. That has nothing to say about my feelings about the question, I just mean that on every end of the spectrum we love presuppositions and we make conclusions based on them.

Questions are fine, fun and excellent. But when we start to doubt something like the accuracy of Scripture (in whatever way the doubt takes form) we allow ourselves to doubt primary details like "no one comes to the Father except through me" and others (I'm using this as a hypothetical example, and is not based on anyone's opinion). While I do not worship Paul and Peter I'm not prone to doubting them. Putting my faith into action allows me to ask questions and believe God knew what he was doing when God breathed life into me, and when He breathed life into stories and scripture.

Just my two cents worth...actually it might be a cent and a half...inflation y'know.

This didn't really have much to do with Billy Graham but I got to thinking about the last sentence!

Existential Punk said...

This was beautiful even though i cringed at many of Graham's interpretations of the faith.

We need to be more generous and kind like this exchange.

i guess Graham and Allen never made to each other's events, eh?!


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