"Light of the Past" & Post-Postmodernism...

A concise article at Wikipedia on "Post-Postmodernism" reads:

Since the late 1990s there has been a widespread feeling both in popular culture and in academia that postmodernism "has gone out of fashion." However, there have been few formal attempts to define and name the epoch succeeding postmodernism, and none of the proposed designations has yet become part of mainstream usage.

Funny how predictably we in Christianity follow the trend of being "late to the party." For the last 5-10 years hipster Christians (ahem, like me I guess) have been popping the pomo-pill like nobody had heard of it before.

I'm reminded of McLaren's Church on the Other Side instructing: "Looking ahead - further ahead!" We so rarely really look further ahead. We look ahead to what the world was looking "ahead" at yesterday. And we call that the "future."

Light travels around 186 thousand miles each second, and our sight is merely interpretation of that visible light bouncing off the world around us. Fast as it may be, light doesn’t reach us instantaneously.

However subtly, everything we see has already happened.
We live our lives viewing the past. In the same way, we hear the past too. And the farther we look toward the horizon and beyond into space, the further back in time we’re perceiving.

Only by touching, feeling and tasting do we experience immediacy of the present. We touch Now, even if we see Then. Proximity matters – it’s a first step.

Only the Light of Christ shows us the future. And that light manifests by touching the world. Being in the world. We don't see the future from inside our cloistered communities; we see the past.

As Christians we are taught to be in the light (“as he is in the light”) and we automatically visualize luminosity. Children of Constantine, we worship light imagery: suns, stars, glowing halos, bright white flowing robes, pale white saints visibly gleaming in the dark.

By giving ourselves over to light of the past, rather than Light of the World, we’ve sold out to the Has Been.

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