It's The End of The World (Hello 1987)!

This evening I found a large, full colored flier in our apartment mailbox:

in a World of Terror and Financial Fears

Inside were a bunch of "lecture" descriptions that will soon be offered at a local church here. A large collage photo on top features distraught people holding their heads in desperation, flashing lightening, an unemployment listing, and Barack Obama, glaring over the presidential seal. Apocalyptic!

It's amazing to me that the language and illustrations of these types of retro-pop-prophesy haven't changed since my post-Jesus People childhood in the 1980s:

And forgive me, but I don't trust prophets who didn't get this divine, relevant message from 15 years ago: SHOW MUSTACHES THE DOOR in 1994!

No disrespect intended, but the look of this guy makes me long for the timeless style and class of Benny Hinn:

The website and pamphlet read:
"Today, powerful forces are at work in our world causing fear and destruction. How could a God of love allow the evil of September 11 to take place? What does the future hold for this planet of ours in which terrorism has disturbed our sense of security? You want want to miss this exciting, penetrating view of the future as presented in the fascinating prophesies of Revelation. Plan now to hear this insightful presentation."

Wow, you can make a living at this stuff? I need to switch careers. There was a time when they use to stone people for false prophesies. Now they just update the book title and re-release:

In 1987, Edgar Whisenant published, "88 Reasons Why the Rapture Could Be in 1988." Thousands of copies were mailed free of charge to churches. When Jesus didn't show, he followed this with a book, "Why Christ Must Return in 1989." Maybe 3rd time's a charm?

The real tragedy of all these hyped end-times prognostications is that the so-called prophets end up damning genuine "good fruits" as signs of something sinister. lists "the Peace Process" as one of many signs of the emergence of the Antichrist.

Maybe instead of spending so much time worrying about when Christ is going to show, we should spend some time cleaning up our mess. It could be a long time coming, and there's a lot of work to do.

And a lot of mustaches to shave.

Here's a link to a piece I wrote on escatology a couple of years ago:


Dan Wright said...

Pete you should really read my new book "Christ is coming back, when the president is black". In it you will find prophetic revelations so correct, I had to give them their own chapter titles, such as, "The exact date and time Jesus is coming back", and "Is that what you want to be doing when Jesus comes back?" and don't forget the ever popular chapter, "My retirement plan? Jesus is comin' back before I'm done workin'"

abshreve said...

I, too, have an uncanny fondness for Benny Hinn..... and hope to someday have suits with my own logo embroidered on them. Then I'll ask for everyone's money to pay for the tailor and the jet I pick them up in.

Keep blogging Pete. Continue trying to wake people up.

- Shreve

Peter said...

This post was in no way intended to offend those of you with mustaches. My fervent prayer, though, is that those of you with mustaches are either (a) from the Bronx, or (b) accompany your mustache with a respectable goatee or full beard.

Dan Wright said...

Some of you that post here, might enjoy (or maybe have already heard of) Theres a Benny Hinn article on the front page, good stuff. I really don't even think about Benny Hinn anymore, after years of making fun of him, I kind of got burnt out on it. But I might be ready to start again.

RickNiekLikeBikes said...

I agree we should most definitely work on cleaning the mess. It's almost a mandate right? But I hope Christians don't get to thinking that the world has to be clean in order for Christ to come back. That doesn't remove our need to bear fruit of all flavors.
I just don't think that Christ was saying "The world has to be perfect by the time I get back" when He says be "ready" for my return. I'm not sure that I must save the world "for" Christ as if he's not saving the world for Himself. I just use my example and my words to prove what He's done and what He continues to do. Christ return is sure, I hope to be ready.

James said...

Boy, it's really gonna be a fiasco when we get close to 2012 and the Mayan calendar runs out. I need to get work now on the book, and that way I can retire in 2013! Good post, Pete. I forgot all about that hokey pokey stuff!

Peter said...

Rick, you said:

"But I hope Christians don't get to thinking that the world has to be clean in order for Christ to come back."

I definitely agree, that would be missing the point. But don't you think we'd probably behave a lot better if we DID have to clean it up first? And that eschatological view was shared by most of the early American Christians, coming to the New World. They saw America as an opportunity to "issue in" the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and hasten the return of Christ.

Your conclusion: "That doesn't remove our need to bear fruit of all flavors" is absolutely right, but I think a view of pressing responsibility of Christians to actively participate in Earth's redemption (as the Body of Christ, we share the responsibility with Christ himself) emphasizes our "need to bear fruit of all flavors." Don't you think?

Of course, Christians or the Church do not have the power to redeem the world or "save" anyone or anything. But there is a long tradition of belief in the Church's responsibility to participate in "helping" Christ in ongoing redemption - as we hope and anticipate ULTIMATE redemption!

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