Is "Emergent" [Emerging] Already Passé?

I've been reading more and more, all over the blogosphere, about the "death of Emergent." And of course, with it, all of the myriad references to "emerging" faith, church, and spirituality.

I'm exhausted tonight - calling it an early night. But I'll be returning to this question, probably continually, for some time.

My intial thought is: EVERYTHING that manages to become trendy enough to capture public attention, garner "movement" status... or for that matter, become a religion, is probably stale-upon-delivery. As I've said or suggested many times, Christianity itself is more than a little ripe.


Postmodernism = tired.
Emergent = kitschy.
Emerging = overly broad and overused.

But what about "saved?"

"Born again?"


Words are so bound to the context in which they are written. As with pop culture, Westerners in particular seem unshakeably committed to beating dead horses. Like boy bands and reality TV. Perhaps, at least until the birthing context passes, and we're able to reapproach those words or ideas from an outside vantage.

I agree. This whole "emerging thing" is pretty damn trendy and not a little tired. For some folks. And for hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, it's still brand new. It's still a freeing idea - a fresh wind. "Possibility." It's just like the cliches we roll our eyes at in North America, that are still igniting new passion in India and China and Indonesia in fresh and redemptive ways.

I'll dig up some of the quotes from various blogs and speak directly to them. You probably won't find me disagreeing with them. A part of me is even tempted to rename this blog. But I don't think I will - because then I'm just trying to catch hold of whatever the next trend is. And I don't think "emerging" has to be confined to a particular trend. I think "emerging" will continue to be adaptively relevant (albeit, broadly), even after Emergent is retired like the Jesus People of the 70s.

I could be wrong. We'll see.

I'll be in touch...

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