I'm Still Sick, Be Back Soon...

My apologies for the down time between posts. I've been fighting some kind of a bug and it got the better of me over the weekend. Still trying to recover. I'll be back to posting regularly, soon.

Meanwhile, I've had a chance to:

  • Watch 6 Woody Allen films I hadn't seen (love that creepy little miscreant)
  • Play more Nintendo than is reasonable for an adult man
  • Eat the best Thai Green Curry I've ever had
  • Read more of Pete Rollin's The Fidelity of Betrayal (which I mean to comment on soon - very good)
  • Enjoy the mind-numbing effects of too much Nyquil

Talk to you soon!


Existential Punk said...

i LOVE Woody Allen and he is a great filmmaker! Two of my all time favorite films of his:

1.Manhattan Murder Mystery
2.Curse of the Jade Scorpion

i hope you feel better real soon! Take care and don't worry about the blog! It will always be there waiting when you are ready!


Al said...

True, the blog will look after itself, BUT what about those of us going through withdrawal? Are we supposed to wait until you feel like writing again? Don't you care about your adoring public?
WAAAAHHH! (stamping of feet, flailing of arms)
OK, I'm over my tantrum.
But you ARE missed.
And we definitely hope you feel better soon.
Love, prayers, and warm fuzzy thoughts.

Peter said...

Adele, my favorites are "Deconstructing Harry," "A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy," "Manhattan" and "Annie Hall." Didn't watch any of those recently though.

Al, you do me too much credit - thanks for your kindness!

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