"I love you more than..."

I had the priviledge of talking with my friend Jim Carlson on the phone today. He offered some great words of wisdom that occured to him while arguing with his teenage son:

"I love you more than I love this argument."

Can I say that to you? To my friends, family and even my enemies? I love you more than I love this argument.

If you read this blog in horror, can you still say, "I love you more than I love this argument?"

Maybe "love" out of e-dialogue is a little idealistic or a little naive. But we need to be willing.

I love you more than I love the argument.
I love you more than I love being right.
I love you more than I love proving your wrong.
I love people more than I love ideas.

Good food for thought. Thanks Jim,


madcat said...


Many (not all) of my church mates would read my blog in horror and disbelief too.

I would rather them give me answers in love, and discuss with me openly about Bible difficulties.

But yet again, I have to check myself. Do I love God more than the arguments I have?

Josh Mueller said...

Thanks Peter! If all our conversations were committed to this kind of attitude, it would revolutionize all kinds of discussions and disputes, including the fragile attempts to engage in inter-faith dialogue with followers of other religions.

Tim said...

I found your blog through Adele's existentialpunk, pete rollins post (but I think I've been here before).

Just wanted to agree to this too. I have friends that I disagree with very well and enjoy great friendship with. My frustration is that I have other friends that will actually hold the relationship hostage if I do not comply. May the Lord give us wisdom in those moments.

See you around.

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