Farmers Brave Extreme Cold to Save Cows...

So I never said I thought the whole industry was bad. Another reminder of the high value many (or most) farmers place on their livestock.

Farmers Prepare Animals, Workers For Frigid Temperatures
Livestock farmers will be challenged this week by the frigid conditions not only to keep themselves and their workers safe, but also their animals, WISC-TV reported.
Farmer Pat O'Brien said that there are three kinds of workers people will find doing their job no matter the weather.

"You got snow plow drivers, you got postmen and farmers, of course," he said.

Even a head cold isn't stopping the Fitchburg dairy farmer from battling the incoming frigid temperatures. He said of particular concern is his animals.

"We have a lot of animals that are outside that are exposed to the weather and it can be very dangerous," he said.

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