Barack Obama: Man Enough To Tongue-Tie...

I've got to say, of all the emotional and inspiring moments in today's inauguration, it was the particularly "challenging" segment of President Obama's tongue-tied oath that most touched and captivated me today.

Maybe it was Chief Justice Robert's mispoken lead (apparently, his wording was off), but maybe it was actually nerves.
Maybe one of the most intelligent, capable, confident, and well-spoken individuals in the free world got nervous...
I'd like to think so. I'd like to think that Barack Obama is the kind of man who still feels the enormity of his circumstances - who is still transparent and "real" enough to misspeak before hundreds of millions on television and radio across the world.
I am simultaneously in awe of Obama's cool and crisp presentation, and jaded/cynical over too much polish. But in the previous administration, we had neither presentation nor transparency. So there is something refreshing in rediscovering what these two virtues look like, impressively and meaningfully paired.
Plenty of folks have already said it: America has a lot of work to do - likely, a lot of tough times ahead. But I feel proud and hopeful and excited. There's a man in front of us I want to follow.


Tanya said...

Good thoughts. I'm with you.

Thundercatt99 said...

I agree too! I've seen in a couple of places of people trying to make something negative of this. Yes, he is human. Yes, both sides messed up (one interrupted, one put a word in the wrong place).

While I'm sure that this minute-long moment will go down in history, et cetera, I'm actually more interested in the four years that come after it. And I'm looking forward to it!

madcat said...

Haha! yes I watched it LIVE from Singapore, and I saw how tongue-tied he was.

Yes I believe that Obama will lead America and the world to greater heights.

Let's wait and see what he will do!

madcat said...

Oh yes and thanks for your comment. I do believe that God created diversity among christians too.

It's just that christianity's division looks too extreme to me.

But I will deal with that. :)

Anonymous said...

I appreciated Obama's inaugural speech. Even though I was sitting in a classroom surrounded by a group of fifth graders who I was "forcing" to watch with me, nonetheless it was a historical moment. Change is in the air.

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