Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! It's been quite a year, personally and nationally, locally and globally! I am blessed - beyond my own deserving. I pray you all find joy, peace, hope, love, and deepening faith in the coming year!

Two thousand years ago, the God of Israel came to earth as a fragile, powerless infant. He grew and lived and died and lived (and lives) for his friends and for his enemies. We've created a mess of things, in his name, and outside it. But there is hope, because of the spirit of God is the same today, seeking to transform this world from what it is on its own, alone, into something both small and broken, and something big and beautiful.

I found this image online of a Japanese nativity. I believe 19th century. A reminder that Christ does not belong to the West, but to the world. And we to him.


Existential Punk said...

Merry Christmas, Peter! So glad you are in my life, dear friend!


rjlight said...

Oh, what a great picture--but, you must know that Jesus was blond and blue-eyed? ha!

camsview said...

I like this a breaks through a lot of our conditioned images. I think the vast majority of people would be completely surprised if they saw a digital picture of the original nativity. Too bad the shepherds didn't have the most updated phone for the 1st Century AD.

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