Digital TV Transition: If Only It MATTERED!

Friends, did you know that...
On February 17, 2009 all full-power broadcast television stations in the United States will stop broadcasting on analog airwaves and begin broadcasting only in digital. If you are using an antenna to watch television on a non-digital set, your TV will no longer work...


Good God-Almighty! You'd think there was a coming pandemic of SARS or Bird-Flu or giant stampeding Guinea Pigs (ahem, a South Park reference, sorry...). I am so sick and tired of the television and radio Public Service Ads about this. Since when has the stability of public entertainment sources been cause for so much attention? Probably longer than we realize, as an entertainment-addicted culture of consumption (me, guilty as charged, but not proud of it).

I am hoping for a shout-out or "amen" from my friend Adele (Existential Punk) when I say, there are issues FAR more important in our world, and even our nation, that are getting little if any attention. Adele, you've taught me a lot about the unacknowledged issues of Lyme Disease and the inaction of our medical community. That's just one example, where lives are literally on the line. But we don't hear about it. We hear about the switch from analog to digital TV.

Because if America suddently doesn't get its TV on February 17th, 2009, I'll hell is going to break loose. Panic in the streets. With our TV, it's less dangerous - "Here we are now, entertain us!"

I'm constantly amazed when I listen to the BBC World News on Public Radio, how many headline news stories (often human rights issues in Africa) are entirely absent from US news sources? Even CNN would rather play funny viral videos than show us international carnage.

So make sure you've got your TVs ready with a converter box, or an entirely new digital set, because come-February 17th, you'll otherwise have to listen to the deafening thunder of silence. Silence, my friends, is only necessary for monks and crazies.


tone said...

Crazy how a TV is more important than souls

Existential Punk said...


i am so sorry i missed this post and di not see your shout out to me! So, now i will comment and thanks!

You make really valid points here. it is like people will go crazy without their TVs!

Also, the government will take measures to regulate bandwidth and make us all go digital when it's not even perfected yet. Like, out digital cable often digitizes, freezes or we lose the station all together!

But the government can't do anything to fix the fucked up medical insurance and drug companies that are robbing us blind and keeping us from decent health care!

Hopefully Obama can and will change this. i'm heading with Katryna Monday night for one of those 'home'meeting to discuss these issues for Obama's administration. Hopefully we can make some headway!


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