Alone Again - For A Short While...

Jen is out of town, visiting her family. We originally planned on spending Christmas with them, but weather conditions kept us close to home.

I have been married only three years now, but each time we are apart for more than a few days, I find myself needing to re-learn solitude. It isn't easy.

(I found this poster through
Henri Nouwen says that without “solitude of the heart,” we are not even capable of loving people in the way they deserve to be loved.

I learned a long time ago that the times of greatest singular loneliness were the times where God’s hands held most tightly to me. But the reminder of this truth is painful, every time.


Michelle said...

That's a really good point. I agree with you. It's been in the times that I'm most alone that I am most aware of how close God is to me, how He longs to speak to me, the things He's been waiting to show me. Man, sometimes those alone times are painful as heck... but I sure am grateful for them.

God bless you,

Peter said...

Michelle, thank you. It feels good to know how much we all share in experience - joy and pain - within the Body of Christ. Bless you.

Existential Punk said...


Recently when i was away for 2.5 days in D.C. for my blogger summit, i was missing Katryna so bad! It was our 1st time in nearly 2 years to be apart overnight!

Before meeting her, my loneliness would sometimes show my closeness with G-D but more often how lonely and alone i felt, even when in a room full of people.

i agree solitude is good and healthy though, but it took me years to get used to it and living in community in YWAM to get used to and comfie by myself!

Good post!


Chris Brundage said...

When I was choosing DMin programs, I picked the one that required the least amount of time away from home. I don't like being away from my wife.

On the other hand, I'm comfortable with solitude. Being a pastor involves a lot of solitude.

Peace to you in your loneliness.

RickNiekLikeBikes said...

While solitude is good, I'm positive that God designed his body as a unit, a community. The body can't exist apart from itself. I can't lop my finger off and still expect that finger to function. More importantly, marriages are more poignantly like the body of Christ in that through it we realize that we were designed to be alone, and by Grace, we won't be.

Peter said...

Rick, I think you're probaby right that community is the "ideal." But what do you think about those monastic hermits who found God in the dark aloneness of solitute? Are they exceptions to the rule, or just plain wrong?

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