Aaron Reminds Me to "Move Gracefully"...

It's been awhile since my posts stirred so much controversy. I guess I should go back to blogging about things no one cares about but me!

From time to time, you'll note a tone of frustration in my responses. Frankly, it's not even so much frustration as exasperation. I enjoy and appreciate respectful dialogue, and love it when people disagree with me. What gets under my feathers is stone-throwing, and use of Scripture to attack.

I will try to be less defensive. "If I don't have something nice to say..." but like I said, I'm out of practice so I'll have to work on it. Thanks for being gracious with me.

Meanwhile, I'd like to encourage readers and commentors (who are always welcome) to recognize the nature of most blogs: posts are not well-rounded treatises, but rather day-to-day "journaling" - at least for me and most of those blogs I frequent. You won't get a 10 page introduction, disclaimer and personal theological statement before each post, because that's not my purpose.

My purpose is also not to attack, so when I say something like, "I'm a vegetarian," I'm not saying "you're wrong if you're not." And when I say, "I care about homosexuals and am not ready to judge their experience from where I'm standing," I'm not saying, "You're wrong if you have a different theological bent."

All that being said, Aaron posted a comment on one of the strings here that I wanted to highlight. Very interesting (and much appreciated!). I would bet that Aaron and I disagree on a lot, but that's ok - and I particularly enjoy the humor, grace and even fun (yes, I actually enjoy wrestling with the Lord) in which he writes. Thanks Aaron (and thanks for the "grace" reminder, I'm trying)!

Wow, Peter, bless you! You are in deep! It gets sticky in here so keep moving gracefully and with great love and compassion. You are more than capable. You are demonstrative. Thank you for addressing these concerns. Ticking off the 28th year of life, I still live with these questions in a sphere close to my soul and it is (to say the least) excruciating. Like growing pains.

You can bet that anything homo on a Christian site is going to get a lot of hits. (I've the bruises to vouch for it) Being non-heterosexual and divinely inclined is a birthright few will look at without fear, disgust and fatal threats.

When a person is ostracized from a spiritual community while their heart is still in the service of God, it is a test greater than Bible Parrots could ever fathom or have the Divine Pleasure of transcending.

I have learned something in this short time. In order to properly apply spiritual concepts, we must know the spirit by which events occurred historically. We must ask "why" and, further, we must use heartful and prayerful discernment to assess if someone is in the heart of God or if they are merely twisting God through a crooked heart. Or have, perhaps, been lied to through an institution which suffers from such a dis-ease.

Here is some Truth. ADMITTEDLY, the Catholic Church compiled, edited, deleted, adjusted and altered the original ancient quotations, records, texts and words of not only the prophets but of Christ himself in order to serve the purpose of unifying church and state under a Grand Order beneath the Roman Government, a Militarist Empire. This had both it's noble and insidious elements but it did, however result in the Inquisition (shortly followed by the Crusades) which goal was to kill anything that would not say both Caesar (aka God among man) and Christ (aka God among man) were the boss and got to take home all the booty.

This Public Manipulation was mirrored in the Societies of the Pharisees and Sadducees whom Christ so openly condemned as a wicked and evil generation, hypocrites, and generally not-very-nice, power hungry, misogynist bastards. Except they did not claim they were God. They just acted like it... and very badly.

Horrifically, trends are looking the same today. In other words, people are using God to say and do awful things that God is now very busy balancing and repairing. Like crashing into notable financial and military institutions, seeking world and religious dominance, spreading bigotry, killing fags and pretending they are more worthy to life and its riches than everyone else. All of us are guilty (before the fingers start pointing.)

I know we would like to believe that the Bible is a pure source of Holy Knowledge but I must impress that it is not. We have been divorced from the source of our connection with God through a number of devious and tactful illusions instilled by (and I bet you think I'm going to say Satan, here) OTHER HUMAN BEINGS.

The throne of God is in the Heart. Between mind and sex is the power to feel and pray. She is the mediator. Put the book down and TALK to your God. God will tell you to chill the fuck out and repair yourself before you drive yourself into misery instead of grace. Largely, I feel that the deduction one might make from these illuminations are a moot point. If you are arguing that you are better and others must be condemned and you must be glorified cause you are "right" you are missing Christ's message fully. He didn't say believe what I say and leave all the dirty work to me while you perpetuate your pathetic ego. What he was saying was BE LIKE ME.

I do recall record that he married the whore by the well who actually tantricly contributed to his ministry. (He could not have been Rabbi without that marriage) He blessed the homo Roman Soldier and healed his effete lover who waited for him at home. And he studied the mysteries of Eastern Religions to reform the tyrannies of the corrupt dominant paradigm. (The three kings of Orient had their bid in with gold frankincense and myrrh)

So, please, unleash your judgments so they might run away and become wild again and undomesticated. And take some time out to really listen to what God has to say to you. You won't find it outside until you expose your own heart.

Lastly, I would like to address that anonymous posting brings the questions to mind, "Is this person avoiding accountability for their statements, utilizing the secretive nature of their identity to feign safety, hiding from their own fear of judgment as they judge others, or just a douche-sparkle?"

Jesus didn't say that... but there weren't computers around back then.

Aaron "Phoenix"

Aaron, like I said, I don't agree with everything here, (I don't, for instance, believe Jesus married or procreated, but I'm intrigued by calling the Roman soldier a "homo" - had never thought of that..) however, I am now a big fan of the term "douche-sparkle" and hope to use it often.



Anonymous said...

I hope that you actually mean it when you say commentors are always welcome. Its a shame you consider rebuke that utilizes scripture as an "attack". Doesnt scripture teach us to rebuke using the word and for us not to de discouraged once we are rebuked?

Now you may claim your purpose is not to attack and then pull accounts of your fictional attacks out of the air, yet what you did to me was attack and label me a homophobe, "afraid of my own sexuality" and of being non compassionate, non loving, etc etc.

I in response posted how I advocate for abused children as a Guardian ad Litem, I feed the homeless every Sunday, work with adult addicts and a pregnancy center - regardless of their sexual orientation, gender color or anything else you would beleive I am bigotted about. Why wouldnt you post that?

I would remind you that you attacked me....not the word laid out before you, but me, who quoted verse by verse why Gods word teaches us that homosexuality is an abomination,....your response...attack the messenger as a homophobe....how elementary.

Why wouldnt you take on the debate from a theological persepective? IF you cant or dont want to take it on, why post about homosexuality to begin with?

Paul teaches us that there will certainly be disagreements on non essentials, but that there shouldnt be on the essentials. IF theres a disagreement, shouldnt we unpack the scripture, so we all grow from the experience? No, its just easier to throw "cannon fodder" and delete posting....truth isnt relative, but it does hurt...doesnt it?


Peter said...

Aaron, my friend! The "last name" Phoenix threw me, and I didn't click to your MySpace right away.

Thanks for visiting - again, I appreciate your insights and experience.

And publicly, I appreciate your forgiveness for being such a prick in high school! Stay in touch!

Irritable said...

I'd just like to go on record that as I was perusing this blog, wondering if I should add it to my feedreader, it was "douche-sparkle" that clinched it for me. :)

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