Just kidding. I really don't.

And I don't find it funny to joke about. Except that Christians have been sold a lie that the only issue that matters is the "Right to Life." Except evangelicals don't really care about the rights to life for everyone. They care about the rights of the unborn. Once you're born - OOPS! Too bad. There's no healthcare or welfare, shelter, advocacy or education for you. That's the American Dream: pull your own bootstraps.

I probably got myself into trouble today. My mom told me that she respected my views, but that she couldn't vote for Obama because she's Pro-Life.

I wrote:
I love you Mom. I understand. Just remember that abortion #'s went down (for the first time since Roe-v-Wade) in the 90s during Clinton's 8 years in office. They began climbing again during both of George W's terms. If we aren't taking care of "the least of these" who are already born, we create a world where the unborn are not only unwanted, but where even those who might want them cannot care for them. The pro-life movement isn't trying to deal with The Problem, it's trying to stop the results of the problem. It's like trying to help a meth addict get healthy without taking away their meth. The problem is poverty, lack of resources, lack of empowerment and lack of hope.

I hope she's not too mad at me. Until we begin living a consistent ethic for human life (read: Jim Wallis) and take Jesus' Beatitudes seriously, "pro-life" is a distracting, deceptive, even meaningless term to be using, because it's not honest.

I cannot, and will not, consider myself "pro-life" until genuine meaning is restored to those words.


Al said...

Once again you have stirred the pot with some thoughtful words. Lots of truth in your comments about really being 'pro-life'. I hope your Mom doesn't disown you!
I think I have been more interested in the US election this year than our own in Canada, although I will be quite happy to not hear one more news story about one more campaign appearance.
May God somehow guide y'all into a place of wisdom and peace as you vote. Although we certainly don't like to admit it, the US (and its president) have a lot of clout on the world stage. We have survived 8 years of Geo W, so I guess we'll make it through whatever happens this week.
'God help America!'

Peter said...

Al, you're a really gracious friend to roll with me on this one and withhold judgment. I cringed as I hit "post" today. Thanks for the prayers in our political process. It's been an exciting, exhausting and frustrating (for all sorts of reasons) process.
Bless you,

James said...

This has inspired me to write a political blog. Thank you for that sir.

Existential Punk said...

Well said, Pete. i am going to post this on my blog. You have such a unique way to look at things outside the box and from different angles. i have MUCH to learn from you, my friend!

Peter said...

Adele, you're VERY kind. Please, don't feed this ego - I have WAY too much to learn to start teaching others ;) I've learned much from you and your journey - thank you.

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