Conclusion: Why I am liberal... but not LIBERAL! [pt.7]

So! If you've been tracking with me this entire week, THANK YOU!

If you're just stopping by, I've been discussing whether or not emerging and/or postmodern Christian faith is just a semantic or ideological veil for classic liberal Christianity. I don't believe that it is; there are overlaps, and divergences. As with conservative Christianity.

So, am I a liberal, a LIBERAL, an assh*le, or all of the above?

I guess only God knows. You may have a hunch. Perhaps I'm a bit of each, with an angry little fundamentalist still fussing around in my gut.

Spencer Burke wrote in A Heretic’s Guide to Eternity that his beliefs are malleable. He suggests something is wrong if he believes the same thing tomorrow that he believed today. One might call that “evolution.” And then one might be drummed out of one’s church and encouraged to join the Unitarian Universalists. And one might be tempted to do just that...

Seriously, thanks for reading! I'm sure there is plenty you've disagreed with, conservative or liberal. You've probably seen that I am not - and CANNOT - speak for all of Emergent, or emerging Christians. I cannot - and certainly DON'T - speak for all liberal Christians, or conservative Christians, or postmodern Christians. And I wouldn't want to. You may still think I'm liberal after reading all of this. If that's the case, I'd really challenge you to think about what "equals" liberal in your mind. I am not a concrete thinker - I need space to adapt. What you believe to be my heresies may simply be "lilly pads" (read: Anne Lamott) - little hops I'm taking to get from where I've been to where I'm going.

This is just me, on an individual journey, surrounded by beautiful people, praying for deeper understanding. My prayer is that my own journey might resonate with you in some small way.



Al said...

For me, I think 'journey' is the key word. You commented earlier that "the nature of God is an ever-unfolding mystery that we are invited to participate in.." We aren't there yet. I sure haven't figured it all out. I am less sure of more things today than ever before--and yet I feel more comfortable in the process. I feel like I am being allowed to be uncertain. I can say I'm not sure, and not feel guilty.
And that's a good thing!

Existential Punk said...

Great posts, Pete! i know it is the journey and not the destination that is important for me. i like the Lily pad analogy you mention.

i have enjoyed your posts. It helps me to read your thoughts as we are very similar in our beliefs. You challenge me to think and look at things at a little different angle than i ever thought of before.

Looking forward to reading more from your interesting and great mind!


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