Ecumenical Surfers & Holy Darwinist Manifestation...

My friend Cam is living in Jerusalem, and getting an eyeful of the rest of this beautiful world. Lately, he's been noticing just how much the world is aware of spiritual and religious matters and questions.

Human beings are nearly-obsessed with the spiritual realm (especially when we're pretending not to be).

Cam said:
Perhaps it is my location in this ancient city, but it seems that everything I see these days is connected to religion. At first it seemed that religion was becoming a larger part of the public narrative, but I’m beginning to think that my eyes are just picking it out of the morass of information more readily than it used to. It is not unlike scanning a crowd of people looking for a familiar face. You don’t analyze the facial features of each person. Rather, the mind is trained to pick out the tiniest detail of familiarity, and it focuses in on that. Thus... in every conversation, every lecture, every page of news I see, I seem to pick up on... religion more than anything else...
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