Disney: "Gay Day" for Miley Cyrus Fans!

My friend James, a grad student at Fuller Theological Seminary, wrote a pretty funny post about a recent trip to Disneyland.

He writes:

"...Not only was it Miley Cyrus’ Sweet Sixteen birthday party but it was also the 11th annual Anaheim Disney Gay Day.

It was kind of interesting to see these two groups mixing together... You had literally thousands of gay men all dresssed in red shirts to show that they were in fact there for Gay Day. There were equally as many young tweens who - at the mere mention of Miley Cyrus - would surely die with excitment. By observing these two groups for a day I have come to a number of conclusions.

First, I am scared of Miley Cyrus and I think that she might be a cult leader. There were ravenous packs of crazed little girls moving like a swarm of locust throughout Disneyland devouring anything Cyrus as well as sending churro vendors running for the hills...

I also though it was incredibly useful that you could identify people based on the color of their shirts. You could glance across a crowd that day, and discern that the large group of men in red shirts were there for Gay Day, and not just a large group of Hannah Montana devotees (although they could have been both, I guess).

I think that we should use clothes more to signify what we are about. I am not advocating the wearing of t-shirts with Christian slogans, but the use of clothing to make it easier to judge people. Judging people already comes easily to most people, but this would make it much easier...

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