Would You Have Believed THEN?

My friend Nate wrote a great post at his blog a couple of days ago...

It is MUCH easier to believe that Jesus is the messiah here in America in 2008 AD than it was to in Judea in 28AD. It is much easier to believe in a figure from the past than the man standing in front of you, especially when others are making the same claims as him. I do believe that Jesus was the Messiah... but why? I could spout off the historical evidence, the traditions of the Church, liturgy, etc. I could reference the scriptures of the Old Testament. I could regurgitate lectures from my professors. When it comes down to it, I cannot absolutely tell anyone why I believe in Christ, I just do. Perhaps it is experiential, but I VERY rarely feel goosebumps; that is, the supernatural does not overtake my emotions that often. Like I said I just do, it is just a deep subconscious feeling. I guess it's faith. If you were in the temple that day, would you have believed? Why do you believe today? Why don't you believe today?

Insightful, Nate. This is something I've thought about a lot. In a well-established religious culture (USAmerica) it's easy to take for granted Christianity's validity. Even if one doesn't believe, certainly the viability of faith in Christ has been proven over the last 2,000 years. Unlike the Republican VP candidate, Jesus has been thoroughly vetted.

Would I have believed, back then? Against the prevailing religious beliefs of the day? As a heretic among my family and community? With no academic or religious scholarship to guide me? No prevailing exegesis to rely on?

If I heard about Jesus second-hand, I don't know. But if I saw the man... I've gotta believe I would have believed.

Thanks for the thoughtful post, Nate.

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nate said...

Thanks Peter...As I've been feeling oh-so-uninspired lately!

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