Tolerance/Intolerance = Boring

Do you know what I find terribly uninteresting in much of the "respectful dialogue," interfaith conversations and ecumenism? Moderated fervor.

I mean, what in the world is more boring than a Hindu who isn't interested in Brahman? Or a Muslim who sees little reason to split hairs over prophets and messiahs? Or a Buddhist who finds Nirvana optional? Or a Christian who says Jesus is just one name among many?

I hate intolerance. But I think in our attempts at being tolerant, we wrongly intuit the need to cool down our own faith. We moderate ourselves. We become offensively inoffensive. How positively boring! Why would any authentic person of faith appreciate someone else's spiritual compromise? I don't want to make friends with a Taoist who thinks his chosen path is no more or less than equal to my pursuit of Jesus Christ. I want to find a Taoist who is so captivated by "The Way" that his life is an undeniable icon of his path.

I want my life to be a sign of the thing I've given myself wholely to. Interesting interfaith dialogue demands nothing less. Authenticity demands nothing less of us. The Holy Spirit demands nothing less of me.

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nate said...

Great thoughts Peter...I have been guilty of watering down my beliefs for fear of coming of as pushy, intolerant, narrow-minded, etc.

I agree with what you said, but how much room is there for setting aside "moderated fervor," in an inter-denominational dialogue?

Any thoughts?

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