Postmodernism: Deconstructing Jesus

Last night in class, our professor gave a fitting definition of Postmodernism: "A word that has made way, way too many Christian writers rich." I love it. It's so true. How trendy... the reality is, there is nothing new about postmodernism. Postmodernism was relatively new in the 1950s and '60s. But in truth, it's been philosophically in effect since the 1800s.

A classmate mentioned "The Jesus Seminar" as an unfortunate end to the slippery-slope of certain dangerous questions (no matter that the 'Seminar' is wholly modern in its reason and process). Near the end of class, I thought I had a good idea but I was tired (nearing 10pm) and my brain began to mush...

We were talking about the role, validity, truth and reliability of Scripture. I said something like, "it's hard to feel impacted or energized through Scripture when you've grown up with it as a norm - as background noise. I feel numb to Scripture..." I couldn't remember where I was going with it so I reiterated: "We feel numb..."

I sounded less than articulate. Too tired to finish the thought. Where I meant to take the thought was: "When we become overly-numb to something - anything - we have to go through a period of deconstruction to rediscover what we believed - what we meant - what was important - what was impactful in the first place. The Jesus Seminar is serving a purpose in that deconstruction: waking us up and reminding us what it is we're really talking about..."

I didn't finish that thought. And it's not necessarily profound. But I think it's important to recognize that the Body of Christ has many hands, many feet, and many (many!) mouths. Without being overly-descriptive, the Body of Christ has other parts, organs and appendages. All serve a function. Maybe those some call "enemies of the faith" (with knees jerking) are actually serving a vital (if unpopular) function. Maybe we need a liver to expel bile. Maybe we need pores that sweat to cool us down.

What part are you? I've been called a couple of parts - deservingly.

What part is your neighbor? What part are the "heretics" in Church X down the street?

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