Childhood Trauma...

How freaking scary was this, when you were a kid?!

That's right. A little "Lady Elaine Fairchild" up in your business! I had nightmares about Mr. Rogers' friends...

As "grown ups," do we lose perspective about what's appealing to children? As Christians, do we lose perspective about what's relevant or beautiful to the world? Hmmm... maybe that was a lame tie-in...

Good segue or not, the Church loses perspective pretty quickly when it comes to objectively evaluating its "missional" efforts. Sometimes, we're downright creepy!


Al said...

It seems so 'right' to give the world what we like, not what they are looking for. Our music styles, our communication styles, even our clothing styles. We speak our language, and then wonder why people don't come flocking.
Being relevant isn't easy. You have to put out some effort to understand the language and mindset of those you are supposedly interested in influencing. Whether they are 'right' or 'wrong' in their particular choices isn't the issue. Do I really care about them? Can they tell that I care?
Long live uncreepy!

Judea Jackson said...

I agree with you completely.
It seems like too much emphasis is placed on what a church can DO for the community, instead of how the church can BE the community. We plan these events and functions and outreach efforts, but many times we neglect to plan relationships instead. I'm a big fan of chatting in elevators and grabbing pizza. Too much separation happened early on, and now we are trying on ways to reconcile.
Good post, lots of food for thought!


P.S. Mr. Rogers friends ARE creepy!

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