What is Truth? And Why?

The word "truth" gets thrown around in Emerging Conversations an awful lot. Both as a weapon and a a defense. Often as a question in itself.

What IS truth (beyond Jesus himself) and should we be so consumed by finding that answer?

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Sanctifunk said...

Good question. I have found out that when you look for truth in the notes of a study Bible, or even sometimes in the Dakes, it leaves something to be desired. Like a thin veil, you can almost see through it..but not quite. I feel exactly like you feel...based on your profile. Something is shifting, changing, going deeper, and in order to find it, we are forced to throw off the cloak of knowledge, and challenge everything we have ever held as "truth". It is a scary place, but we are going to have to pay the price. Good post, good thoughts.

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