Reconciling Evil & Sunsets...

I can't do it. I've been avoiding for the last few days because it seems each time I read the headlines, I find graphic details of another serial killer torturing victims, raping, destroying, torturing, and so on.

Last night the sky was a deep, deep orange with pink hues, and thin veils of cloud scattered across - looking like fragmented dustings of dry sand. It was indescribably beautiful. A graceful end to an unbearably hot summer day.

I don't know how to experience beauty like that and then reconcile it with such evil, such darkness in other parts of the world. At the same time.

The "problem of evil" has never given me cause to question my faith - perhaps the paradox of God and evil is more complex than my simple mind comprehends. But it doesn't bother me in relation to God. What it does, however, is make me want to curl up and live in a cave, away from the horrific darkness and sadism of corrupted society. But there is probably a serial killer in the cave, so I'll stick with suburbia.

I'll be okay... just need to avoid the front page.

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Pickypants said...

You just need to know what stories to read.

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