Kierkegaard Quotation...

"The first thing to understand is that you do not understand."

Talk about intellectual and spiritual humility. Isn't that really the crux of what we're talking about here, with the conversation on postmodernism? We don't understand.

Kierkegaard recognized that truth, as we understand it, is subjective.

Kierkegaard gives an example of two men praying: one is praying to the "true" (Christian) conception of God, but doing so "in a false spirit."

Another man is a pagan, praying to his own concept of a god... but he does so "with an entire passion for the infine."

To Kierkegaard, the second man prays in greater truth because his spirit - however subjective - is rightly oriented.

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Sanctifunk said...

This is why I envy Muslims and Hindus, etc.... They are passionate about their religion. Why can't Christians be that passionate and dedicated rather than just carrying "fire insurance"? God help us to understand...

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