"Getting Along With Right-Wing Relatives..."

A gay friend of mine handed me a copy of an article from The Advocate the other day: "Ready to Make Nice: How to get along with your right-wing relatives."

It's a good reminder of how painful some beliefs are, issues that many Christians take for granted. So how many gay friends do you have? No, not a hipster popularity contest. Do you have cultural accountability? A friend to tell you when you're being a real asshole? More importantly: do you have relationships that keep your perspective on PEOPLE (individuals) vs. POLITICS (impersonal bullet-points).

I have a close friend who had two abortions in college. They were emotionally devastating to her, but she remains pro-choice. I think of her when I see picket signs.

After fourteen years, Tim's sister won't let him spend time with his nephew anymore - her church forbid it because "he is no better than a child molester." I think of him when I see picket signs.

It's easy to fight blind culture wars when you don't have to think about people you know...


NewJerseyJesus said...

I love the question you pose, "Do you have cultural accountability?" This is extremely important for us in the city.

Al said...

I've been looking for people/blogs who share my desire to learn more about postmodernism--particularly from those who are young enough to actually be living it.
This post (and others) resonates with me on many levels....
-the painful way we (the church) tends to treat homosexuals in our desire to be 'biblical'.
-the value of having real live relationships with people--especially those who are culturally different.
-trying to sort out whether my desire to be relevant is emerging or liberal. Or just offensively inoffensive. And I thought it was because I am Canadian and don't like to make waves!

Thanks for being transparent. I know I'm going to enjoy reading your stuff--even though I know at times it will be painful.

2Pete said...

Al, NJJ, thanks for your visits and comments! I'm always thankful for reminders that I'm not the only one asking these questions.

Al, you bless me with your "transparency" statement. It's something I strive for, admittedly for better AND for worse.

I hope to see you and engage you both on the blogosphere in the future!

joshua said...

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