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Only 10 years ago, suggesting that Christians might have genuine fellowship online probably seemed laughable to most. Today, it's still a stretch for many to accept: that a shared spirit of love, hope and Christian sister/brotherhood can exist via text. And then I think of so many spiritual giants whose lives were filled with letters from brothers and sisters all over the world. Merton, Nouwen, Foster... the list of Christians who clung to long-distance fellowship is endless and it always has been so. Think of Paul's letters.

The tradition of encouragement and even accountability through the written word is unquestionably orthodox.

I almost had the opportunity to cross paths with one of my e-brothers recently in Portland. Schedules didn't align, but my friend Joel, a.k.a. HCJoel a.k.a. Bottlebreaker a.k.a. Bart Wang (sounds like a porno name doesn't it? Hmmm...) was visiting the Northwest from his Canadian homeland. Though we didn't have a chance to meet up, it's made me think about some of my other online friends I'm thankful for - even though I do a poor job of keeping in touch...

My friend Darren King has been running a great site called "Precipice Magazine" that I have enjoyed visiting for years. Google "Postmodern Christianity" and you'll always find him in #2 or #3 placing - kudos Darren! Darren lives in Central Oregon, so I hope we'll have a chance to connect sometime in person.

Nate Watson is another dude who blesses me with visits to this site, and always has something thoughtful and reasonable to say.

To all of you and dozens of others I've met with, shared with and prayed with online via theOOZE, Off The Map and elsewhere, keep doin' what you're doin', and stay in touch!

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Darren King said...

Hey Peter,

Thanks for the mention on your site. Thought I'd drop in to say hi and to say rightbackatcha on the idea of connecting over a beer or a coffee one day. Next time you're in Central Oregon drop me an email and we'll make the connection.

Peace from the High Desert,
Darren (Precipice Magazine)

nate said...

Thanks Peter,
I was just talking with my wife about you and your perspectives. I always look forward to your educated insight on the church.

I will keep in touch!

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