Now You're Living the High Life...

1. I drove past a church today with a readerboard that read:

"Will you really vote for the ANTICHRIST?"

Really? Really? That's the kind of country we're living in? I guess it is. My wife's hairdresser is a punk rock dude with a mohawk - in his 30s, and married (to a woman). He went to the local "rodeo" at a nearby town and a big 20-year-old kid called him "faggot" again and again. He went to the security guards and asked them to do something, but they wouldn't unless there was an actual fight. It's the same underlying reality: fear-based intolerance and "righteous anger." At faggots. And a black candidate who inspires hope.

We know the goodness of a tree by its fruit.

2. I am drinking a big frothy can of Miller High Life: The Champagne of Beers. Man, does the taste bring back memories. I haven't had one of these since I lived in my dirty, stinky fraternity house at Linfield College - Pi Kappa Alpha. It tastes just like I remember: just like my wife describes in disgust: "a fruity, hoppy flavor with a sweet-vomit aftertaste."

Mmmm... now I'm livin' the High Life.

3. I spent last weekend at the Benedictine Sisters' Abbey in Mt. Angel on a personal prayer retreat. It's incredible what a few days of silence and solitude can do to a person - it can be quite terrifying. And beautiful. And absolutely vital.

Marriage is a beautiful thing, but it can make us forget what it's like to be alone. And when we forget aloneness, we can forget ourselves alone in the presence of God. And it looks different than when we're in the presence of God, in the presence of our spouse. It feels very different. So we have to have both - thankfully, I think, less of the alone than the together...

There you have it. Three important items of note. All three equally impactful.

* * *
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James said...

"Solitude is a terrible trial, for it serves to burst apart the shell of our superficial securities. It opens out to us the unknown abyss that we carry within us… and discloses that these abysses are haunted" Louis Bouyer

I love solitude and it also sucks.

I am enjoying the frequency of your blogs.

Move to Pasadena now please....

2Pete said...

But you didn't say anything about the new sperm-header design...

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