Buy "Church of the Perfect Storm," I contributed a little something!

Leonard Sweet's recently released postmodern compilation of multiple contributing writers hit stores in March, but I was so focused on my own manuscript I didn't make time to mention it.

I wrote Chapter 12. Call it a reflection of some latent Star-Trek nerdity, carried over from Middle School. Call it "Sweetened," because I certainly wrote to fit Len's lens. All I can say is, it was a lot of fun to write, and even more fun to read in print!

George Bullard writes: "Just as during a hurricane the safest place for ships is not the harbor, but the deep water, so Christianity in a post-modern era must launch out into deep water and face head-on the perfect storm created by the convergence of post-modernity, religious pluralism, institutionalized Christianity, and militant atheism. Go forth and become storm chasers. Join The Church of the Perfect Storm as shown to us in this book by writers Len Sweet, Greg Glatz, Stephan Joubert, Alan Jamieson, Dries Lombaard, Younglae Kim, Earl Pierce, Bill Easum, Michael Blewett, Mark Batterson, Tom Bandy, and Peter Walker."

I hope you'll have a chance to pick it up...

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