Manuscript Denied... or postponed (?)

So, after about 14 weeks or so, my manuscript for worldspeak finally got... turned down.

Yeah, I was a little disappointed. Or maybe a lot; I'm not sure. I guess after a lot of positive feedback, it surprised me. They said I was a little too "jaded," a little too "out there," and, well, my chapters don't have smooth enough transitions.

And they're probably right about the last one. I need to work on making sure I don't just have a dozen disconnected vignettes. I thought I'd improved things, but I probably need more work.

As for "jaded," I can't really admit to that. I know I'm cynical - particularly of organized religion and aggressive salesmen and manipulative evangelism - but I'm not jaded. I'm FULL of hope. I am excited, exhilerated and on fire (post-Pentecostal fire) about the future - about the Body of Christ - and about the world God has created.

Back to the drawing board, but I've got some new ideas...

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nate said...

Sorry Peter,
That sucks. I was hoping for the best for you. I would like to read it sometime regardless...but I understand if you don't want to let the cat out of the bag this early.

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