Question: Surrender?

Question: does following Jesus mean surrendering not only to Jesus, but surrendering to our enemies? Is that the surrendered life? Does loving our enemies mean surrendering to them? Does that surrender mean we allow them to be victorious? Does dying to ourselves mean laying down and dying? Do we stop trying to win?

I think maybe it means all those things, but I'm curious if it sounds like heresy. Or evangelistic laziness. Or suicide...

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Manuscript Denied... or postponed (?)

So, after about 14 weeks or so, my manuscript for worldspeak finally got... turned down.

Yeah, I was a little disappointed. Or maybe a lot; I'm not sure. I guess after a lot of positive feedback, it surprised me. They said I was a little too "jaded," a little too "out there," and, well, my chapters don't have smooth enough transitions.

And they're probably right about the last one. I need to work on making sure I don't just have a dozen disconnected vignettes. I thought I'd improved things, but I probably need more work.

As for "jaded," I can't really admit to that. I know I'm cynical - particularly of organized religion and aggressive salesmen and manipulative evangelism - but I'm not jaded. I'm FULL of hope. I am excited, exhilerated and on fire (post-Pentecostal fire) about the future - about the Body of Christ - and about the world God has created.

Back to the drawing board, but I've got some new ideas...

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