Praying to Measure Up...

Last week, January 22nd, I logged on to with Len Sweet and author Michael Bywater (see post: "Narcissistic Introspection?" below) to talk about Michael’s book, Big Babies.

We had a blast – ShapeVine is a fantastic venue for online learning and fellowship via webcast and discussion board!

I’ll be continuing monthly interviews with Len and various guests, which is incredibly exciting but also difficult, on some level, to take myself seriously in that setting. Somehow, Len likes me – likes the way I think and the way I write – but the man is a giant. I’m not star struck (in spite of what my wife says), I am humbled. ShapeVine hasn’t yet syndicated it’s old interviews for download (currently it’s all live) but when they do you’ll have to log on and watch that first interview - and I’m sure, subsequent ones. There are three screens: me, Sweet and Bywater. Bywater is an Author in Residence at Cambridge, a best-selling writer, and was best friends with Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) for goodness’ sake.

Who am I?

Oh, I’m a 20-something aspiring writer, a loudmouth blogger, a church-skipping pseudo-evangelical-with-a-bad-taste-in-my-mouth, and a half-time seminarian. From smalltown Oregon. With indigestion and a migraine.

Len is encouraging me – assuring me I need to be an active part of the interviews, etc… and that my book is good enough to get published. But my book is sitting on a desk somewhere, now three months into a seemingly-endless publisher review. Every time I re-read a chapter of it, I wonder what I’m thinking. It feels trite. And when Len speaks, PhDs and DMins and 30 published books come pouring out of his mouth and I’m humbled. Quieted. And a little dumbstruck.

This relationship has been an immeasurable blessing. I cannot express how thankful I am for the time and attention of a truly great mentor, thinker and leader. I’m better for his friendship. But at times I feel a little foolish.

I guess I still worry far too much about what others think. I’m still trying to win a contest no one cares about…

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Nate Watson said...

I envy you...your relationship with your mentor, not your migraines or indigestion. I would love a mentor. My Hebrew teacher used to fill those shoes, but then I moved.

And the contest? Maybe more people care than you realize!

2Pete said...

Thanks man. You're probably right about the contest, sadly. Too many DO care. And it's the wrong contest. The wrong race.

As far as a mentor, I prayed for nearly 3 years for an ADULT (read: older than 40) mentor to help guide me in my walk - someone I could truly respect. For a long time, my only fellowship was with 20-something peers.

God is faithful and knows what we need. Keep praying for the right person. I have been blessed with several "more mature" voices in my life.

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