Out of the OOZE!

Well, it took a few years, but my writing has finally made it past magazine confines, into a genuine book!

Conceptualized, organized and edited by Spencer Burke, Out of the OOZE is a collection of writings, rants and parables about being Christian and wrestling with "the church" amidst new paradigms - from new vantages.

From Amazon.com:
"TheOoze.com is an online collective of believers who feel disconnected from the mainstream church. Through articles and message boards, the site offers a public forum to honestly discuss faith, culture, and ministry. Site founder Spencer Burke hosts a journey through compelling stories that highlight the hopes and struggles of a new generation. Readers will encounter fresh perspectives and inspiration to pursue an authentic walk with Christ."

If you spend much time reading my blogs, you'll recognize much of the chapter I wrote from an old post here: "Cultural Refugees in Gay Nightclubs." The chapter is basically just that - a blog post converted into an article for theOOZE - then converted into a chapter for the book. It makes me feel awkward, because the writing is far more casual (even a little sloppy) than I would have hoped for my first publication. I pray NavPress doesn't hold it against me as they evaluate my worldspeak manuscript.

Anyway, pick up the book at Borders, your local bookstore or at Amazon.com! (please: just don't judge my writing entirely by that one little piece)

read more about my thoughts on Christianity in the real world at http://www.essenceproject.blogspot.com/...


James said...

Behold you heard my cries and saved the day once again!
Can't wait to get the book.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Peter,

Congratulations! I will definitely have to check this one out. So when's the book tour? :-) Are you going to the Off the Map event this weekend? I can't, but a friend of mine is, so I'll get the details.
Keep writing, and hope to hear more from you in the future!


Bison Grazing said...

Well done! We haven't chatted for a while but I'm still around. Headed to a Mt Advance with Len this week.
I just ordered the book from Amazon and look forward to the read. Talk with you soon.
J Carlson

Catie said...

Pete, congratulations! I am very proud of you, and will go find this book when I go Christmas present shopping at my bookstore.

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