James is Fuller-Bound!

One of my best friends, James North, just got his acceptance letter today from Fuller Theological Seminary!

He left a voicemail on my phone that just said: "you need to call me right away." It was so intense I thought someone died.

James has walked beside me over the last five years as each of our theological worldviews has been challenged, stretched and forced to evolve. He is probably a little more conservative than I, but we've both come a long way from the 50/50 Pentecostal/Baptist worldviews we grew up with.

I'm most jealous that James gets to live in Pasadena, but equally envious that he'll get to take classes from Dr. Veli-Matti Karkkainen (READ his introduction to ecclesiology).

For all my pompous keystrokes, James truly has a gift for teaching. His enthusiasm and charisma will take him very far, I believe, as an emerging voice in the 21st Century Church.

Nice job, man!

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