The Bathwater is Dirty...

We are often so afraid of throwing out the baby, that we don't realize the baby is sick... getting a rash FROM the bathwater. Or maybe getting frostbite because the water cooled off several hours (or centuries) ago.

Or maybe we accidentally used Selsun Blue instead of Baby Shampoo in the water, so it's burning Baby's skin. Or what if Baby's skin is simply getting all prune-like, and it's time to dry off?

Wow, what if it's not even a baby anymore. What if we've been trying to bathe a toddler in a baby tub, and the toddler doesn't even fit. He's still dirty because there isn't enough water to cover him. The water is black sewage because Toddler was just running through the drainage ditch in the backyard.

...or what if we drowned the baby? What if we were so worried about keeping the baby in the water that we didn't notice his little head went under?

Maybe we were talking on the phone.

All this to say: don't we trust God to lead us forward?

Recently converted author Anne Rice said in an interview recently, "We're too afraid that the devil is winning. He's not winning! WE'RE winning, and we have to start living like it."

Throw out the bathwater! The Holy Spirit (in my humble opinion) will ensure that the baby (the Body of Christ... for Christ's sake!) will survive.

Is Jesus SO fragile?

An Episcopal Ecumenical Exhortation...

Oh that we might have unity...

You are Christians,
then your Lord is one and the same with Jesus
on the throne of His glory,
with Jesus in His Blessed Sacrament,
with Jesus received into your hearts in communion,
with Jesus who is mystically with you as you pray and with Jesus enshrined in the hearts and bodies of His brothers and sisters up and down the world.

Now go into the highways and hedges,
and look for Jesus in the ragged and naked,
in the oppressed and sweated,
in those who have lost hope,
and in those who are struggling to make good.

Look for Jesus in them;
and when you find Him,
gird yourselves with His towel of fellowship,
and wash His feet in the person of His brethren.

Frank Weston
- late Episcopal Bishop of Zanzibar

More Random Quotations from Len...

There’s a reason why you’re so tired.

There’s a reason why your people are fighting.

There’s a reason why they’re at each other’s throats, fighting worship wars and other conflicts.

There’s a reason why I’m the last person still in ministry out of my entire ordination class.

There’s a reason why people are pining for simpler times.

There’s a reason why Thomas Kincaid is the largest selling artist. There’s a reason why Country Music is the biggest music industry. People are trying to escape to simpler times, but they can't run away from one of the biggest cultural shifts in world history.

Churches and seminaries are trying to prepare leaders in calm waters, but we are preparing for the perfect storm of societal shakedown.

We are in the FIRST perfect storm for Christianity. We have never had three weather patterns that have come together, all at the same time. These three patterns are...

  • Postmodernity –> but this is just a transitional period, ending 2030 at the latest. After that, we’ll have something entirely different with a new name.
  • Post-Christendom (increasingly anti-Christian) –> we are entering a world that is more often unfamiliar with Christianity than jaded by it.
  • Post-Cold (war) ~ Post-Round (earth... now it's flat) ~ Post-Human (cyborgs) –> The world we're entering is expanding so rapidly that we find it easier defining ourselves by what we're after, what we're not, and what we've moved on from. We are in a flat world where superpower standoffs like the U.S.S.R. and America are things of the past. And we are all increasingly surviving by unnatural means, from prosthetics to prescription drugs... as artificial intelligence approaches and someday rivals the computing power of the human brain, we will face a strikingly new set of challenges.

...And yet in relatively recent years, we’re still killing people because they have scientific views.

Perhaps most importantly, taking hold of the future means taking extreme measures for the sake of Christ.

A move to the center is a move away from Jesus...
“Balance” by its very nature is anti-Jesus.

Len Sweet at George Fox Seminary

Pooping Myself A Little... in more ways than one

On my way to Portland for a weekend with Dr. Sweet at George Fox Seminary, I pooped myself. Just a little bit. One of my friends calls it "sharting"...

I'd like to say that I was so excited to meet Futurist/Evangelist/Writer/Professor/Postmodernist Sweet that I just couldn't control my bowels. Unfortunately, it wasn't so glamorous. The reality is, I drank too much coffee on an empty stomach and what I thought was gas wasn't, so for an hour as I drove to the Beaverton Campus I had to sit awkwardly, shifting cheek-to-cheek, to avoid serious damage.

But the real excitement was after I arrived at school, "composed" myself, and went into class.

I could spend hours writing about the things Dr. Sweet taught on, and in subsequent postings I will go over more and more of what we discussed. However, if you'll scroll down to my "No More Bridges to the Past" post, you'll find it very in-line with the kind of thinking Sweet revels in.

A few nuggets from Dr. Sweet (remember these are one-liners and I am not giving context right now)...

  • Christianity today is more Muslim than Christian...
  • A church that establishes itself as a "safe" place is already spiritually dead. The Christian life must remain dangerous and uncomfortable...
  • Christians in America are more Modern than they are Christian, and so Christians in America spend more time defending Modernism than they do, Christianity...
  • Christianity is not a Western religion...
  • Pulpit preaching is a dead method for postmoderns...
  • We must stop trying to "save" the church...

In all fairness, I will try to elaborate later. Don't poop yourself as you read these.


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