Haggard's Fall...

No new news here, but I've reflected on Ted Haggard's recent "outing" elsewhere, and thought I'd post a synopsis of my thoughts.

My sadness is for the betrayal Ted’s wife and family must feel - the confusion and sorrow that comes with all of it. I’m sad that so many will be hurt by this - and that so many HAVE already been hurt. I’m sorry that the man Ted was intimate with saw such a murky, manipulative, predatorial portrayal of Christ.

I’m angry, too, at a religious culture that demands whitewashed tombs full of dead Evangelical bones - that we are not allowed to be transparent or confessional in today’s Christian Church. In fact, the higher up the heirarchy we climb, the less openness and transparency exists.

If I may be so bold: We ASK our leaders to do and be EXACTLY what Ted Haggard is.

A friend of mine - a gay man who grew up in a fundamentalist Christian setting and renounced religion in adulthood - e-mailed me on Monday…

Hi Peter,I have to tell you that I am positively giddy over this Ted Haggard thing. I have followed his demise with great glee! It is a GREAT time for the hypocrisy of those people to be on the front page! One of the pundits said Ted would probably be in rehab before today. Maybe he can hook up with Foley!

This has been like a way of releasing some of my pent-up anger.

Maybe not as gracious as some of us would like to see, but Alan has reason to feel some cultural catharsis. He’s experienced a lot wounds from the church, throughout his life. Now he’s seeing what has felt to him like an “Empire of Hate” begin to crumble from the inside - hypocritically living the very thing they fight against.

How do you feel about what’s happened? Angry? Indignant? Defense? Worried? Sad? Why?

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Anonymous said...

Ted Haggard hasn't been doctrinally sound for many years. Pastors hold the greatest position of responsibility in the "body" to rightly divide the word of truth by consistant/persistant study and then to teach that to the church. When a beliver takes an ego trip, he goes it alone without grace and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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