The Passion of Mel Gibson...

I wasn't sure which blog to post this on. Here at Emerging or at my other blog, WorldSpeak, but since I just posted some thoughts on Lance Bass (who recently came out of the closet) I decided to spread the pop-mania wealth. Forgive me if it seems trite, but I expect there are some lessons to be learned in observing how the media and the church deal with Mel Gibson's recent arrest.

If you've been living under a rock, Gibson was pulled over Friday for speeding. A Breathalyzer test showed that his blood-alcohol content was 0.12. According to the deputy who arrested him (who happens to be Jewish), Gibson launched into a profanity-laced tirade, hurling anti-Semitic and sexist statements at authorities. In particular, saying something to the effect of: "Jews are behind everything that's wrong in the world today."

So much for Jesus.

But I'm curious. After Gibson has so-recently been made Evangelical America's "Patron Saint" for the blockbuster film about Christ, how will the church react? How will Christians respond? Particularly protestant/evangelical Christians?

My hunch is that it will be easier for Christians to look the other way and avoid having to "claim him" as another fallen brother because, afterall, Gibson is Catholic... Nevermind how we embraced him when his film filled our pews.

No, we may have to claim Falwell and Robertson (and Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker) but Gibson is Catholic. We've protested them since the 16th Century.

Of course, Falwell, Robertson and the Bakkers are all Baptist and I'm not Baptist. My conscience is clean.

But there's still that pesky notion of The Body of Christ...
(as in BODY, not

The hard thing for me to admit is that if I believe in this Body of Christ, then the Mel Gibsons and Tammy Fayes of the world are not just my annoying, embarrassing neighbors, but they are my brothers and sisters.

How can we handle such a dysfunctional family?

I guess that's what this blog, this "emerging culture" and this Christian life are all about.


HCJoel said...

I've read some online comments in which people are suggesting that Mel should get a break, just this one time. We show grace to Christians we like, I suppose.
I am not sure how we handle this dysfunctional family of our's. On one hand, we can do nothing. I don't actually know Mel Gibson, Jerry Falwell, Jimmy Swaggart or other public figures so I can't encourage them or hold them accountable directly. I guess we just pray for them. I have heard good things about this prayer business. And then develop a positive response for our non-believing friends in which we acknowledge our family as one that is dysfunctional and messed up but as beloved nonetheless.

2Pete said...

Thanks Joel,
Yes, we need to ALL give EVERYONE a break though. Not just Christians we like - and not just CHRISTIANS! I think we should give Marilyn Manson a break. Afterall, at least he's being honest about his worldview, and if we actually listened to him it might be helpful.

I'd like to give Bill Clinton a break. He may be a dirty womanizer, but he did a lot of "uniting" as president, and I long for the days when we could quibble over things like sex - rather than war.

I'm getting off track.

Yes, I'm fine with giving Mel a break. I'm even fine with calling him a brother in Christ. But I have a lot of disgust in him for his actions and the way he's abused the Gospel. As with Falwell, Swaggart, and Obi Wan Kenobi (who was also Baptist).

Brent said...

Can you forgive someone if they haven't ask for forgiveness? You may be in the state to forgive them when they ask. But why would they want your absolve to a wrong when they do not believe they comitted a wrong. The only thing we can do is be in the state(mind of Christ) to forgive when asked. If we already conceive there asking forgiveness. We are in the wrong. We do not want to diminish the change in there heart when they do ask. By forgiving them before they ask.

Gibson has asked for forgiveness.. I forgive him not that i feel like I have been wronged. I pray he will be healed of his problems.. we all have them..

Clinton on the other hand has not asked for forgiveness and claims he has done nothing wrong. Ignoring the threats to America and the world is how Clinton has wronged us. And it did effect me personally.

Obi Wan Kenobi... Don't get me started..Ha

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