I am the new host of ChurchRater.com

I am really excited that Jim Henderson of Off The Map recently asked me to join OTM as the online director of one of his websites: ChurchRater.com!

The site itself is a blog of sorts with a very heavy emphasis on discussion surrounding the "rating" of churches. It sounds a little offensive, but it's truly lighthearted and even self-depricating in tone.

A name like ChurchRater could be used for a number of different purposes. Here is what I envision ChurchRater becoming: A dynamic, thinktank sort of environment, where any thinkers, pastors or various kinds of leaders and teachers can come together and dialogue about the Church...

  • how the church functions
  • how it perceives itself
  • how it is perceived externally
  • what Christians see in it
  • what non-Christians see in it
  • what is good/bad/ugly/hilarious

I don't want to steal any thunder or come across as a hack, but ChurchMarketingSucks.com is a great example of a weblog format being used to sharpen, develop and brainstorm in progressive and beneficial ways.

If that site (CMS) is all about marketing and advertising, ChurchRater is about the Body of Christ itself (for better AND for worse). It's about everything from ecclesiology (how we do church) to pneumatology (how the spirit works) and everything in between.

...Then we rate ourselves and each other!

How do you feel about this approach? How can we make it better? How can I get people to take time to fill out a rating survey? I'm open to suggestions.


Todd said...

man, that is a sexy site. who designed it?

2Pete said...

The man is a genius, Todd. That's all I can tell you. I complete genius.

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