Good morning, America...

This morning on Good Morning America, Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins were interviewed about the strife in Lebanon, Israel and the Middle East in general, and asked to comment about how the current situations connected with their own religious worldview.

LaHaye did most of the talking, assuring us that the day of judgment is upon us and that through Jesus Christ we can be saved.

Jenkins seemed to try to "soften" his partner's words, elaborating: "This is what we believe is true. And not everyone will agree with us, and that's ok. We love them and accept their opinion."

M0re than anything, I was upset that these men, who have capitalized on conservative Evangelical fears to make millions and millions of dollars, are being dignified with yet more national attention. It's not even good writing!

Oh well. I simply pray that the eyes of American Christians might begin to turn from the fearful reactionism congruent with literally interpreted dispensational eschatology and begin dreaming of the Kingdom of God established here on earth - manifested through the Spirit of Jesus Christ living and acting through the Body.

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